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Culinary workshop with a chefCulinary workshop with a chef
©Culinary workshop with a chef

Gastronomy of the Gers

At the Chalets de Grazimis, we come to recharge our batteries but also discover the gastronomy of the Gers, which is exceptional, by favoring only a few kilometers away from the Chalets…our local producers!

On foot, an unmissable stroll to the Domaine de Pouypardin, 6-hectare vineyard where everything is done by hand with passion and conviction. Its wines are excellent, we also like to discover them during the convivial evenings every Thursday in the summer or once a month on the rest of the year.

Armagnac, water of life of the Gers, is to be discovered at Château Le Courréjot, where the still will reveal its secrets of distillation…a pure happiness! Event not to be missed in November, the Tapas evening at the estate, in the middle of distillation.

A nice moment to spend with children, going to discover La Ferme de Martin Neuf, which presents you its ducks and black pigs. Self-sufficient farm that guarantees you the quality of its products !

To highlight all these good products of the Gers, we organize in the summer Culinary Workshops with a chef to prepare live simple and friendly recipes for you …

And if our holidaymakers did not have time to visit one of our partners, they can always find some of their products at the cottage store.