Gourmet Escapades
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Gourmet workshops

Deeply attached to their territory, Régine, Jean-Marc and their daughter Carole will have at heart to make you discover throughout the year the good products of the Aveyron soil and the emblematic dishes of the region: aligot, truffade, estofinade, farçous, pascadous, cabécous, spit cake, and of course a great panel of charcuterie and cheese.

Your hosts will put you in contact with organic market gardeners who grow nearby and provide baskets of vegetables.

In high season, visits to the producers are organized anda traditional meal of local products and served by a local caterer is offered each week.

Thegreat convivial table is set up outside as soon as the weather is favorable and it is a great moment of sharing for all participants,

an opportunity to forge links and exchange good vacation plans.