Meeting with local producers

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For more than 20 years, every Wednesday morning, Cecile organizes a market of local producers in her Village of Lodgings “La Ferme Couderc” on which we find farmers, breeders, wine growers but also pork butchers…


Madeleine and David, Goose Breeders, Beekeepers and producers of Foie Gras, pâtés, prepared dishes, various honeys (4km away)

Jean-Luc, le Charcutier d’Antan, with his cured meats and terrines made from farm pigs (15km away)

Sarah, organic farmer, seasonal fruits and vegetables, producers of vinegars and unusual savory spreads (4km away)

Yolande, permaculture farmer with her vegetables and edible flowers (10km away)

Christian, pigeon and chicken breeder with his cured meats and various terrines (15km away)

Gilles, organic wine grower in Agenais country wine (at 8 km)

Sabrina, hazelnut producer and her declination of products from this fruit whose European capital is Cancon (at 8 km)

You can also discover and visit their farms…

Within our restaurant, we use some fresh products from our farmers, such as David’s honey, Yolande and Sarah’s vegetables and seasonal fruits, Gilles’ wine, Sabrina’s flour and hazelnut oil…

We favor fresh and local products, short circuits and “Fait Maison”