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Circuits and trails for walks and hikes in France!

Walks and hikes from your Village de Gîtes

A source of inspiration and relaxation, an activity that can be practised by everyone, the health benefits of walking no longer need to be proven. So aren’t vacations the ideal time to explore the many walking and hiking itineraries.

From their location, close to natural areas, self-catering villages are the starting point for many walks and hikes in France. Whether you want to share a moment with the family for an aimless stroll, or take on hiking trails for the day or a few hours, these walks are sure to appeal to lovers of discovering the natural or cultural heritage of our regions. Some hosts will even be able to accompany you and share their passion for their territory, and will always be good advice to point out PR hiking trails close to where they live.
Then feel like discovering our Villages de Gîtes for a nice hike or a simple stroll!!

Hiking circuits and trails

Getting out into nature on hiking trails remains a real moment of escape and pleasure. Apart from alpine hikes or GR long-distance hiking trails reserved for the more athletically inclined, departments such as Puy de Dôme or Pyrénées Orientales offer more family-friendly circuits and walks with magnificent views. In the countryside, locally organized country hikes are the best way to appreciate rural culture and landscapes. On the seaside, GR de pays (country walks) take just a few hours to discover the diversity and beauty of our coastline.

These hours spent strolling with family or friends, these moments of sharing and discovery at the rhythm of walking, are the perfect antidote to the all-too-frequent sedentary lifestyle imposed on us by our daily lives. This is the experience that our Villages de Gîtes offer you when you go out for a stroll on circuits close to your holiday rental.

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Cycling on vacation in France

Bicycling, mountain biking or VTC, with or without electric assistance is a highly enjoyable way to travel in France. Whatever your level, taking a bike tour is the assurance of being able to get off the beaten track on your own and discover a wide variety of landscapes.

France boasts various types of cycling itineraries:

  • Major cyclo itineraries: bicycle routes, Eurovéloroutes like La Vélodyssée
  • Vieces vertes: sites dedicated to cycling: along canals or on the route of former railroad lines

  • An extraordinary density of small country roads ideal for tours

Among France’s favorite places for cycle touring are the Loire Valley, Le Canal du Midi and the vineyard regions.

Some of the Villages de Gîtes are close to these developed cycling routes and have the Accueil Vélo label, a guarantee of quality for welcoming cyclotourists. During your stay, your hosts will be able to show you the routes and trails that are close to their village, and for some of them offer accompanied packages for discovering unusual and little-frequented places. In this respect, cycling vacations are a must for lovers of slow tourism and soft mobility.

Family horse rides

If you’re already a keen hiker or cyclist, the horse or pony ride offers you the chance to discover nature in a different way and enjoy the countryside at a horse’s pace.

Accessible to good riders and beginners alike, horse riding can be enjoyed easily by the whole family, on the trails and circuits of our countryside. Children can take pony rides and experience unique and unforgettable moments.

For beginners or those who have never ridden a horse before some self-catering villages work in partnership with equestrian centers that offer accompanied horse-riding outings, a unique opportunity to discover horseback riding. So make the most of your vacation and share the experience with family and friends.