Fishing in a pond for a day

Fishing Etang DuzouFishing Etang Duzou
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Fancy a game of day fishing with your family, initiate your children or simply spend a relaxing moment at the water’s edge, nothing could be easier in some of our self-catering villages in which you can practice your hobby right inside the village and sometimes even almost from your cottage. In complete safety and in a preserved area you have the chance to be at the edge of ponds in a natural setting and observe a varied fauna. Fish are in abundance because in these places it is the No Kill that is the rule.

Pond fishing in a village of cottages

The pond is a great place to have a good family day and fish in optimal conditions. No need for fancy equipment to get started, a simple rod is all that’s needed for kids to have wonderful memories of their first fishing trip. For the addicts, the pond can reserve beautiful surprises, big trout and carp of respectable sizes can fill the luckiest.

Private bodies of water are not reserved only for fishing for farmed trout and competitions the space of a day of release. On the contrary in the villages of lodges the private ponds are of great fishing richness, and the natural fish stocking.

You will find many species

  • Carpfish
  • Pike
  • Perch
  • Black bass
  • Pander
  • Tench
  • Roach

Finally, in order to preserve the biodiversity of these natural areas, the practice of no kill is encouraged.

Family fishing trip ideas

A perfect time to practice with the family and introduce the kids to pond fishing. Your hosts at Villages de Gîtes will have at heart to do everything possible to spend a very good day at the water’s edge.

No Kill in Aveyron

In a quiet and wooded environment you will find at the Ferme du Duzou a small private lake set up for fishermen but also for nature and picnic breaks. Here the rule is no kill to protect fish and biodiversity and ensure natural fish stocking. Under these conditions some specimens of carp can reach 10 kgs. A path around the lake allows you easy access to the pitches and boats are at your disposal, with life jackets for your safety.

Pond of la Héronnière

The Heronry Cottages are a true paradise for backwater fishing enthusiasts. The quality of the natural environment of this site favors the presence of many species of fish. Carp, pike, perch, eel, roach are naturally present species. A discovery trailyou will be able to observe the richness of the fauna and flora whose ecosystem is similar to that of Marais poitevin.

Private pond in Perigord

At the foot of the castle of Hautefort, the Village de Gîtes Les Sources has a large park with 5 bodies of water including one of more than one hectare. Come and fish in this beautiful setting, the activity is free for holidaymakers on the sole condition of putting the fish in the water. The ponds are regularly stocked with carp, roach, tench, gudgeon, pike and zander.

Fishing in the Perigord Vert

Just next to the cottages of Tartou, near your rental, a private pond is accessible, without a map, to the holidaymakers of the village of cottages. Ideal to practice fishing in family, carps, tanches and roaches are naturally present, young and old will find their happiness there. We can also drive you to 5mn of Tartou in a pond of 2 hectares which a friend gracefully places at our disposal.