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Climbing activities, climbing courses and outings, via ferrata

Needing adventure, freedom, space or nature, climbing activities are an opportunity to let off steam, to experience moments rich in emotion and thrills.
Climbing, via ferrata, monkey bridge or via corda, a unique opportunity to discover these nature sports during your stay on an outing or course.
Certified instructors and guides accompany you and provide all the equipment you need for your safety.

A unique opportunity to discover new sports practices, and enjoy intense experiences during your vacation. Unforgettable moments for the whole family.

Climbing trips and courses during your vacations

Some self-catering villages are ideally situated for climbing, via ferrata or via corda activities. They offer you the chance to discover the best spots close to their accommodation and put you in touch with their partners, qualified guides and climbers, for outings in complete safety.

1. Via Corda in Ardèche

Thrill-seekers, la Clé des Champs offers Via Corda and Via Ferrata outings accompanied by Lionel, a Brevet d’Etat graduate.

We traverse a vire that overhangs the Chassezac river (around 45 meters high), always remaining attached by your harness and lanyards to a rope in place.

We finish with a 45-meter abseil on a spider’s thread after passing over a few obstacles and two monkey bridges.

For these activities, Lionel provides the equipment, quality, CE-standard, cleaned and disinfected on every outing.

? Thrills guaranteed with breathtaking views of the gorges

2. Introduction to climbing in the Village de Gîtes

Climbing is a sport accessible to as many people as possible and which develops unique sensations, success, surpassing oneself, well-being …

With Expert Sport Nature partner of la Grange du Héron, take to the heights during an introduction to rock climbing.

For 2 hours, you’ll be guided to take your first steps in complete safety on a natural cliff as close to nature as possible …. 2 unforgettable hours for kids!”

? A natural cliff directly accessible from your gîte.

Climbing sports to discover on vacation

Amateurs de sensations fortes, à la recherche du grand frisson, vous trouverez votre bonheur en pleine nature loin des salles d’escalade et des murs artificiels dans des sites grandioses qui offrent des vues époustouflantes.

For experienced climbers and beginners alike, who hasn’t dreamed of taking to the heights on natural cliffs, enjoying wonderful sites overlooking rivers and steep valleys.

Experienced guides and instructors accompany you and provide you with all the necessary equipment, booties, gloves harnesses, helmets…they make you share their passion while respecting safety rules.

The sports of climbing are accessible to all as long as you’re not prone to acrophobia, that panic fear of heights. Rest assured, your guide will supervise you and always adapt to your level.

Depending on your wishes and abilities, different formulas are offered:

  • Climbing
  • Via ferrata
  • Via corda



All the ingredients for enriched emotional and thrilling experiences, during your vacation or on a course. Unparalleled, unforgettable experiences for young and old alike.

Prestigious climbing sites in France

Because of its diversity and rich natural heritage, France boasts many sites suitable for climbing and other climbing sports.

You don’t need the vertiginous cliffs typical of the great Alpine or Pyrenean massifs to enjoy breathtaking panoramas.

Many regions boastexceptional sites, some of which have an international reputation:

  • Gorges de l’Ardèche
  • Gorges de Chassezac

  • Gorges du verdon,
  • Gorges du Tarn

    Le Verdon

And sometimes more discreet cliffs can provide a safe introduction to these climbing practices. Numerous départements such as the Lot, the Dordogne and of course the Massif Central abound with these places, which the Villages de Gîtes will be delighted to show you during your stay.