Cycling and mountain biking during the vacations

Happy family with small children cycling outdoors in summer nature.Happy family with small children cycling outdoors in summer nature.
©Happy family with small children cycling outdoors in summer nature.

Welcome to Villages de Gîtes en France, a paradise for cyclists and mountain bikers! If you’re looking for exceptional destinations for group cycling outings, look no further. Our Villages de Gîtes offer a unique experience, combining nature, comfort and conviviality. Whether you’re an avid cyclist or a group of thrill-seeking mountain bikers, our vacation villages are located in picturesque regions where you can enjoy magnificent scenery and a variety of itineraries. From the Atlantic coast to the mountains and the wonderful French countryside, there’s something for everyone. Our accommodations are specially designed to welcome groups of cyclists, with facilities for bike storage and maintenance. After an adventurous day, you can relax and share your exploits over a good meal in one of our partner restaurants, or take advantage of the leisure facilities available in our villages. Get ready to experience unforgettable moments with your cycling friends in our Villages de Gîtes across France. Book now and get ready to pedal your way to adventure!

Cycling on vacation in a Village de Gîtes :

Villages de Gîtes are groups of gîtes, generally located in the countryside near villages or tourist sites. They offer quality accommodation and a variety of activities for holidaymakers, including cycling and mountain biking. – Each establishment complies with a quality charter issued by the Association Nationale des Villages de Gîtes, which guarantees standards of comfort, service and welcome. – Villages de Gîtes are located in rural or mountain areas, often close to remarkable natural or cultural sites. They are the perfect way to discover the diversity of France’s regions. – Villages de Gîtes offer self-contained or semi-detached gîtes, sleeping from 2 to 12 people. Each gîte has its own private outdoor space, and is fully equipped and decorated to a high standard. – For cyclists and mountain bikers, the Villages de Gîtes offer special facilities such asa secure bike shed or room, a water point for cleaning bikes, a repair kit, an air pump, etc. – The Villages de Gîtes offer the possibility of renting bicycles on site, with preferential rates for stays of several days. Some also offer electric-assist bicycles to make cycling easier. – The Villages de Gîtes provide useful information for cyclists and mountain bikers, such as maps of cycling routes and mountain bike circuits, topo-guides, personalized advice and more. – The Villages de Gîtes organize cycling and mountain biking events, such as guided outings, introductory courses, themed tours, etc. In this way, they encourage conviviality and sharing between holidaymakers.

Your gîte / bicycle reception :

The Villages de Gîtes are ideal solutions for people who want to cycle or mountain bike during their vacations, enjoying pleasant surroundings, comfortable accommodation and adapted services.

Cycling and mountain biking during the vacations

Like leisure cycling and cycle touring, mountain biking is a fun, sporting activity that lets you discover France’s natural and cultural landscapes. There are numerous itineraries to suit all levels and tastes, whether in the mountains, forests, countryside or seaside. During the vacations, mountain biking is a great way to get away from it all, get some exercise and enjoy the great outdoors. Cycling and mountain biking are good for the body and good for the mind! Even if you don’t do it regularly, just occasionally, like during the vacations, as long as you moderate your pace of course. Cycling is good for your health! Cycling and mountain biking give you exercise and keep your health in good shape. It trains your cardiovascular system, your muscles and your balance. It also helps you lose weight and prevent certain diseases. Cycling is ecological and economical. It requires no fuel, generates no pollution and is inexpensive to buy and maintain. Cycling during the vacations and mountain biking, whether ordinary or electrically-assisted, is an excellent outdoor leisure activity, conducive to the discovery of landscapes and nature. Cycling or mountain biking as a leisure activity during your vacations in the different regions of France is a great way to spend a day with your partner, family or friends. Around your home or vacation cottage, cycling – in all its forms – is an excellent way to explore your surroundings and discover new landscapes. It gives you access to places inaccessible by car or on foot, and lets you enjoy the nature and historical heritage of each region. Cycling is about getting away from it all! Mountain biking is a moment of relaxation and escape. It lets you escape your routine, enjoy yourself and recharge your batteries. It also gives you the opportunity to share sensations and memories with friends and family. With Villages de Gîtes, you’ll find a multitude of itineraries adapted to your level and preferences throughout France. And during your vacation in a Village de Gîtes, you’ll benefit from the advice of your hosts, who’ll be able to offer you maps and ideas for tours and rides for your cycling vacations.

Accommodation for mountain bike groups

France is a country that offers many advantages for cycling and mountain biking, whether for leisure, sport or transport.

  • In France, you benefit from a cycling network of over 20,000 km, including cycle paths, greenways, cycle routes and signposted itineraries.
  • France’s regions are ideal for cycling, cycle touring and mountain biking. France offers a wide variety of landscapes and landforms, from plains and mountains to coasts, forests, vineyards and villages. There’s something for every taste and level.
  • Pedal your way to fitness in all seasons! France has a temperate climate, with marked seasons and regional variations. Cycling and mountain biking can be enjoyed all year round, depending on weather conditions and the right equipment.
  • And let’s not forget that France is home to the Tour de France, the world’s most famous and prestigious cycling race. Cycling is a tradition and a passion here, bringing together millions of spectators and enthusiasts.

This makes France an ideal country for cycling and mountain biking, whether for pleasure, health, the environment or mobility. That’s why the Villages de Gîtes are mobilizing to offer gîtes that are perfectly suited to cyclists, and to provide services and advice for your cycling outings.

The popularity of cycling and mountain biking in France

Cycling and mountain biking are extremely popular activities in France. The country offers a varied and diverse terrain, from picturesque coastal roads to breathtaking mountain trails. Cycling enthusiasts flock to France to enjoy its enchanting landscapes and ideal conditions for these sports. Road cycling is a popular activity in France, with numerous signposted routes and major cycling events such as the Tour de France. More and more people are also turning to mountain biking, in search of a more intense, off-the-beaten-track experience. France offers a wide range of mountain bike trails, from quiet tracks to technical descents.

Choosing the right Villages de Gîtes for cycling and mountain biking

When choosing a Village de Gîtes to host groups of cyclists and mountain bikers, it’s important to take into account certain specific criteria. Here are a few points to consider:

  1. Location: Choose a Village de Gîtes located in a region that’s ideal for cycling and mountain biking, with easy access to varied and interesting itineraries.
  2. Infrastructure: Check whether the Village de Gîtes offers specific facilities for cyclists, such as bike storage, repair facilities and partnerships with local restaurants.
  3. Suitable accommodation: Make sure the accommodation on offer is suitable for groups of cyclists, with enough space to store bikes and relax after a day’s activity.
  4. Additional services: Find out about any additional services offered in the Village de Gîtes, such as leisure facilities, group activities or bike rental services.

Cycling and mountain biking facilities in the Villages de Gîtes

The Villages de Gîtes in France are specially equipped to welcome cyclists and mountain bikers. Here are just some of the facilities you can find in our Villages de Gîtes:

  1. Secure storage areas: Enclosed rooms or covered shelters to store your bikes securely.
  2. Repair workshops: Basic tools, repair racks and equipment for maintaining your bikes.
  3. Laundries: Washing facilities to clean your equipment after a muddy outing.
  4. Partner restaurants: Partner restaurants with menus tailored to the needs of cyclists and mountain bikers.
  5. Leisure facilities: Swimming pools, sports fields and other leisure facilities for relaxing after a day’s activity.

Local trails and itineraries for cycling and mountain biking

The Villages de Gîtes in France are located in regions offering a multitude of trails and itineraries for cycling and mountain biking. Here are just a few examples of popular trails in different regions:

  1. La Vélodyss&e acute;e: A cycling route along the Atlantic coast, offering spectacular ocean views and passing through charming coastal towns and villages.
  2. The French Alps: A top destination for mountain biking, with technical trails and thrilling descents through breathtaking mountain scenery.
  3. La Vélo Francette: A cycling itinerary that crosses France from north to south, passing through magnificent landscapes and historic sites.
  4. The Canal du Midi: A peaceful route along the famous canal, offering picturesque landscapes and charming villages.

Don’t hesitate to ask about local trails and itineraries in the area of your Village de Gîtes.

Welcoming groups of cyclists and mountain bikers

Welcoming groups of cyclists and mountain bikers to your Villages de Gîtes can be a rewarding experience for both you and your guests. To be successful, it’s essential to understand the specific needs of this clientele and to offer them adapted facilities and services. By implementing an effective promotional strategy and offering group activities and events, you can create an unforgettable experience for your cycling and mountain biking customers. Always bear in mind the importance of safety and respect for the environment when welcoming groups of cyclists and mountain bikers. Provide clear information on safety rules and encourage your guests to respect the trails and the natural environment around them. With the right facilities, the right itineraries and a caring approach, your Village de Gîtes can become a destination of choice for groups of cyclists and mountain bikers looking for a unique and rewarding experience.

Gîtes in France for cycling and mountain biking:

Gîte villages are small vacation villages offering individual or shared gîtes, with shared services and activities. They are located in the most beautiful regions of France, in the countryside, in the mountains or by the sea. They are ideal for holidaymakers and groups who want to go cycling or mountain biking on their vacations, as they offer a wide range of hiking opportunities suitable for all levels, as well as advice and equipment for cyclists. Self-catering villages are also places of conviviality and sharing, where you can meet local hosts passionate about their region and other holidaymakers.

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Electric-assisted mountain biking in the Lot

La Grange du Héron self-catering village has put together a range of tailor-mademountain bike and electrically-assisted mountain bike trails between the Causse and the Lot and Célé valleys. Family hikes and rides to discover nature and the Lot heritage. For the little ones, tandem and children’s bikes are also available.

Electric Fat Bike tour

For several years now,Mas des Petits Loups has been working in partnership with Cédric, a hiking guide. Cédric offers outings on electrically-assisted Fat Bikes, all-terrain bikes that provide great comfort on a wide range of surfaces. La Baume de Saint Vérédème and Le Pont du Gard are among the exceptional sites to be discovered. Outings to the Camargue are also on the program.