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Rent a gite adapted for disabled people for your vacations in Ardeche

Setting course for the Ardèche is to treat yourself to a dream destination, without leaving France, between wild mountains and peaceful lakes, in the midst of peaks open to a clear sky and overlooking fertile land. In the charming Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, it’s good to travel back in time and always to the rhythm of nature. Its splendid landscapes, with a rich and varied cultural and gastronomic heritage, rhyme with tourism and disability. Very many are the opportunities to be able to put down your suitcases in France, in a comfortable vacation rental gite, whose well-thought-out layout is perfectly suited to the specific needs of the disabled.

While the Ardèche often evokes Provence, it nonetheless retains its own identity and a strong character. Set out to meet the pearls that make up the precious tourist canvas of a land in France, studded with picturesque villages, where the rentals compete with each other in terms of attractiveness, especially the gites dedicated to vacations for the disabled. This way, you are sure to have unmissable experiences in extraordinary places, such as a visit to the captivated village of Balazuc and a long bike ride on the ViaRhôna.

Outstanding gîtes de France for all and adapted for the disabled

If you are disabled, or accompanied by a disabled loved one, you will have no difficulty in staying in the comfort of a vacation rental gite, thanks to the tourism and disability label, which is present just about everywhere in France and in the Ardèche. Just a short distance from the Autoroute du Soleil, you can enjoy the charms of Privas, stay on the outskirts of the medieval village of Saint-Montan or in the pretty canton of Aubenas, in a vacation rental gite placed under the sign of the sun, and where your pets are welcome. By opting for a furnished property in the paradisiacal settings of the Ardèche, you have access to a 100% successful vacation, as you enjoy :

  • A private bathroom, with an ergonomic shower and/or a relaxing bathtub,
  • A washing machine, essential for your long-term rental stay,
  • A fully equipped kitchen, equipped with a stove with a traditional sound oven, a microwave and a dishwasher,
  • A refreshing pool, around which you arrange the garden furniture as you wish,
  • Wifi network, to stay connected even in the depths of nature,
  • A quality dairy, in a quiet “night quarter”, isolated from the communal living spaces.

Your vacation rental in France, in the heart of the thousand-year-old treasures of the Ardeche with its timeless beauty

Discovering the nuggets of the Ardeche in France involves slightly straying off the beaten path, while remaining close to your rental cottage. These small deviations broaden the horizon of discovery for all visitors, whether they are athletes, casual sportsmen or disabled. All you have to do is select from the vast array of preserved natural sites, those that match your personal affinities and physical conditions, including:

  • The Bois de Païolive, populated by white and green oaks, and implanted on a limestone massif punctuated by sculptural gorges,
  • The Gour de la Sompe waterfalls, which cascade spectacularly from a height of 12 meters,
  • The Cocalière cave, registered with UNESCO, and its remarkable galleries of stalagmites and stalactites carved in the Jurassic limestone,
  • The remains of the small village of Lagorce, where the botanical trail leads from the belfry of the Protestant stronghold to the gentle valley of the Salastre,
  • The cliffs of the city of Labeaume, its mysterious dolmens, and the breathtaking hanging gardens of Racatadou.
  • The Ardèche estates, true to the reputation of France’s vineyards, which some harvesters offer you to tour on board a sophisticated 4×4, before choosing an exceptional bottle to share with family or friends, once back in your gite.