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Self-catering villages for hiking groups in France!

Group gite rentals for hiking enthusiasts!

This year it’s you who’s organizing the traditional gathering with your hiking friends to discover new trails with the promise of fabulous hiking tours.
You thought of the Ardèche that’s great you’ve never done it, the Dordogne is good too and why not the Gard or elsewhere in France?

Have you found the place of your dreams?
Perfect now, your friends are counting on you to find the ideal accommodation to welcome you.
Nothing could be easier at Villages de Gîtes?
We’re bound to have the solution, our gîtes are designed to accommodate groups of hikers  but also groups of cyclists who seek out greenways and small country roads.

Located in a natural environment, close to hiking trails and greenways, our gîtes are the starting point for your walks and randos en étoile thanks to the many loops present in the area.

If you prefer roaming on the GR or véloroutes, our villages of gîtes will serve you as a stopover for a night or a short stay, just long enough for a relaxing break…
Some of our Villages also hold the Rando Accueil or Accueil Vélo label, offering a wide range of services tailored to hikers.

And in terms of equipment and services? the Villages often offer more than 50 beds in comfortable rooms or mini dormitories. A catering service is always on offer, and your hosts will be your best advisers when they won’t themselves be your accompaniers if you wish.

So convinced! the Villages de Gîtes a little paradise for hikers who are just waiting for you for a great stay.

You had the place now you have the location, ah yes remains the date, book fast!

7 good reasons to choose Villages de Gîtes for your hiking holiday!

Hiking and biking trailsfrom or near our gîtes.
– Rentals of bedrooms or mini dormitories according to your needs for privacy and comfort.
– The possibilityofprivatizing the estateif you want our gîtes all to yourself.
– Practicality and security for your equipment, bike room, storage spaces.
Aadapted catering service, community or individual kitchen in your rental.
Providing full documentation, maps and topoguides for your hikes.
– Hosts who adviseand can accompany you and act as guides

Stay in a Village de Gîtes for your hiking holiday!

Villages de gîtes, a hiker's paradise!

You want to get together with friends, with your club, your association for a hike stay. You dream of superb walks and hikes to reconnect with nature, discover new horizons, surprising sites…
Our accommodations specialized in hosting hikers are a real paradise for groups who for the space of a few days will experience a real immersion in the local culture.

Hiking off the beaten track

Each region where we are based features a great diversity of landscapes, protected natural environments, lakes, valleys…so many sites to discoverat your own pace and according to your level of practice.
Located in the heart of regions renowned for their walking itineraries, our gîtes offer direct access to a multitude of varied routes, suitable for all levels.

Some departments, such as the Dordogne, boast up to 9000 kms of hiking trails and numerous small roads ideal for bicycle outings, or even horse riding.
For example, you can take small hiking trails PR that wind through woods or valley ridges offering superb panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.
For more experienced hikers looking for sporty routes, les sentier de grandes randonnées (GR) offer longer, more demanding itineraries, in the heart of the valleys or on des causses, limestone plateaus that present natural environments of outstanding beauty.

Hikes to discover the local heritage

Your steps will take you over time to forests where you can let your imagination open up to new horizons, or to more secret paths beside streams or waterfalls for refreshing breaks.

Our gîtes are also ideally situated for loop hikes over several days, such as the ronde des villages en Dordogne
You can also follow an itinerary that takes you through character villages in the Southern Ardèche,
During your balades and hikes, you’ll also have the chance to soak up the local culture by visiting historic sites, sampling regional culinary specialties in traditional inns or discovering local craftsmen renowned for their skills.

After a day’s hiking, the relaxation areas or a dip in the pool will offer you a well-deserved moment of rest.
In the evening it will be over a friendly meal that you will share the highlights of this day’s hiking.

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An all-in-one holiday without having to worry about organizing your hiking trip!

With us, your hiking experience isn’t just limited to your hiking or biking outings.
We offer you an all-in-one stay, where you’ll find comfort, conviviality and services tailored to your needs. Our hosts are on hand at all times to make sure your stay runs smoothly, and will take great care of you.

Comfortable, large-capacity group accommodation

Our gîtes are designed to offer comfortable accommodation after a day’s walking. Whether you’re a couple looking for cocooning space in a bedroom, or a group of friends ready to share convivial moments in a mini-dorm, we have different sleeping options to meet your expectations.

Our facilities have enough beds to accommodate large groups, some even up to a capacity of 150, so there’s no need to look for another venue, everyone will be accommodated on site.
From the cozy comfort of private rooms to mini-dormitories for larger groups, you’ll always find a space in our accommodations with us that suits your needs.

From the sanitary and showers point of view here too no worries they’re in sufficient supply so that everyone’s well on time for the start of the next morning’s hike.

Meals and a convivial evening after your day’s hiking

For meals we provide a large room where you can get together to share a convivial meal sometimes even with musical entertainment.
Yes, some of our hosts are also musicians in their spare time, and everything ends in song. A good meal and a bard musician doesn’t ring a bell?

Whether you want to enjoy a delicious meal prepared by us or by a contractor or cook your own dishes in the fully equipped kitchen areas of your rental, And with a bit of luck you’ll find local produce on site direct from the producer or farm. Enough to make the meal even more memorable.

And let’s not forget the breakfast, it has to be up to the efforts you’re about to make. Our hosts will have a heart to offer you an adapted formula, a hearty breakfast, it’s important to gather strength before setting off.

Equipment to safely store your hiking gear

For your equipment we’ve got it all covered. There are storage spaces for your shoes and for hanging out or even drying your clothes when you return from your trek.
We can even offer a washing service for clothes on request.

There’s always a place reserved for cleaning hiking boots or a small washing area for your bikes and mountain bikes.

Your equipment is important to you above all else, which is why we provide you with a secure bike room adapted for efficient storage.

Tailor-made services for your free or guided hikes!

At Villages de Gîtes, the success of your stay is our priority.
We put all our heart into bringing you complete satisfaction and ensuring that you keep excellent memories of your stay at our establishments.
That’s why we offer a range of tailor-made services to make your stay even more enjoyable.

Tips for organizing a hike

Organizing a hike can be complex when you don’t know the area well.
The slightly tricky passages, weather forecasts, places to avoid and especially those not to miss.
Whether you want to take well-marked PR and GR trails or prefer loop hikes away from the beaten track we’ll provide the information you need to guide you in your choices.
Maps or topo guides are at your disposal, but there’s no substitute for the sound advice of your host, who often knows the hiking trails near his or her accommodation perfectly.

Accompanied hiking and guided outings

And sometimes if you’d like to be accompanied on your hikes, your hosts will share their passion for nature and hiking with you by offering a guided outing departing from the gîtes.
During the walk they’ll be sure to share a few local anecdotes and stories, and help you discover the hidden treasures of the region.

Finally, for groups of hikers who wish to be completely self-sufficient, our gîtes can be privatized for the whole group.
This way, you can enjoy the privacy and tranquility needed to experience your stay together at your own pace.

In a Village de Gîtes, your stay or vacation will be much more than just a hiking experience. We offer you a warm environment, personalized services and a natural setting conducive to rejuvenation.
So return to our specialized gîtes and experience unforgettable adventures in the heart of unspoilt landscapes.