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A professional welcome for your seminar in a self-catering village!

Villages de gîtes for a business event: get together with your fellow participants!

You’re looking for the perfect place to organize a business event inspiring
You’ve come to the right place! Villages de gîtes is exactly what you need.
It’s all here to surprise your team and strengthen the bonds between your collaborators by organizing an out-of-the-ordinary seminar.
It’s also the dream location for an internship, a training course, an association’s general meeting… an environment conducive to reflection.

Villages de Gîtes offers you this ideal setting for your professional event. A place that combines work and relaxation and helps you focus on your professional objectives while ensuring the well-beingof your employees. ?

And then after a busy day, place to relax or rest in a warm and friendly ambiance.
It’s time to recharge the batteries, recharge your batteries before a new day that will be rich in exchanges and experiences.

Our gîtes are designed to meet all your needs. With us, you can be sure that your business event will be a success!

So, don’t wait any longer to book into a Village de Gîtes for your next corporate seminar, internship or business meeting.

Discover our Villages de Gîtes and contact us now to book !

7 good reasons to choose Villages de Gîtes for your seminar!

An inspiring setting away from the noise and stress of the city that promotes the well-being of participants.
– Privacy and exclusivity of a space dedicated solely to your team, your trainees…
Flexibility and autonomy with the freedom to plan your schedules and meals.
– Capacity to accommodate large groups that can stay on-site.
– Well-equipped meeting rooms with Internet connection and audiovisual equipment.
– Relaxing outdoor and indoor activities included in the package.
– A personalized, professional and warm welcome to meet your specific needs.

Get together in a Village de Gîtes for your seminar!

Our group gîtes for seminars and other business events!

You’re looking for a venue to:

  • Organize your company seminar or a simple business meeting,
  • Propose a revitalizing “team building”seminar for your staff
  • Hold the general meeting of your association with your members and partners
  • Host an internship or professional training

So many different situations but the same needs, the same desire, for your professional event to be held in a calm, warm, rejuvenating setting.
You want participants to meet up, exchange ideas in an environment other than the office, your professional premises.
You also want them to get together for moments of relaxation and extra-professional encounters.

Bref you’re looking for the ideal venue that allows you to combine work and relaxation and that also offers ancillary services and activities in addition to the essential facilities for your meetings.

This is exactly what Villages de gîtes offers: a warm and professional welcome throughout your stay to meet your expectations.

Our accommodations can accommodate and adapt to all types of business events near your company or at another location in France:

Your company seminar in a group gîte

Your structure is entering a new phase, new projects and you want to get your employees more involved, strengthen team spirit or even remobilize some who feel a little stalled.

So organizing a working meeting over several days in a gîte away from your premises can provide fresh impetus, answers to questions your employees naturally ask themselves when faced with new projects.

By getting out of the usual setting, your employees will have the opportunity to get to know each other better, create stronger bonds and strengthen their collaboration. This can have a positive impact on team cohesion and efficiency.

It’s also an opportunity for them to recharge, relax, showcase their personal talents and skills.

The change of environment can stimulate creativity and foster the emergence of new ideas and solutions. Problems can be approached from a different angle, which can lead to innovative results for your company.

Your team-building seminar in a Gîtes village

Like many companies you’ve undergone significant changes following the confinements and then development of teleworking from home.

To respond to these major changes, strengthen ties, maintain team spirit and encourage collaboration within the company, you’ve decided to organize a team building seminar.

With Villages de Gîtes you’ve found the ideal formula to organize your team building seminar and ensure that your team regains motivation and energy.

Our Villages offer the rejuvenating setting with space, quality facilities and fun, stimulating activities for your employees.

By taking part in these sometimes unusual group activities, they will learn to make decisions as a team, to collaborate to succeed together. So many skills sought after in everyday work.

Our presence throughout your stay to accompany you in the organization will be essential to the success of this professional event!

Your general meeting at Villages de Gîtes

For a association the general meeting is an important moment that will enable many members to get together once a year.
Participants sometimes come from all over France to take part in the meetings, exchange ideas but also to have fun, discover a place they don’t know.

This type of event requires important organization and logistics to make the meeting a success. Group accommodation such as a gîte or vacation village offers many advantages for organizing an association’s general meeting.

Villages de Gîtes has a definite advantage on this point, also being an association that organizes its general meeting every year in a different establishment. Your hosts are therefore particularly experienced to accompany you and listen to you during this event.

Lead your training course or training session in a group gîte

Our Villages de Gîtes offers many advantages for leading a training course or training action over several days.

Located in serene, quiet surroundings away from the hustle and bustle of the city, our accommodation offers a setting conducive to concentration, reflection and learning, fostering a relaxed state of mind conducive to the assimilation of knowledge.

All trainees are accommodated on site, promoting exchanges and group cohesion. Convivial moments outside training hours help strengthen bonds between participants, encouraging interaction and exchanges of experience.

Our Villages de Gîtes are equipped with large rooms suitable for training courses or workshops. Spaces provide a suitable setting for presentations, group exercises, and hands-on activities.

Meals are served on site, avoiding travel and optimizing the time devoted to training or internships.


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Take advantage of our facilities and services for a successful seminar!

At a group accommodation, you’ll find all the facilities you need on site to organize your business events or training courses. What’s more, all participants can stay on site, making coordination easier and fostering a convivial atmosphere.
You don’t need to search individually for accommodation for each participant, which simplifies the logistical organization of the event.

1. Our meeting rooms are perfectly equipped

Our Villages de Gîtes feature large-capacity, well-equipped meeting rooms and common rooms.
Comfortable tables and chairs, appropriate lighting and optimal acoustics are all essential elements that will be made available to you.
The spaces are suitable for meetings, conferences and general assemblies. This means you can bring all participants together in one place, which facilitates exchanges and communication.

2. No internet connection problems and unlimited wifi

Training facilitation requires a reliable and fast internet connection for online presentations, file sharing or information searches by trainees.
You have unlimited wifi connection throughout the estate. You’ll be able to stay connected in the hall as well as in your rooms and relaxation areas.

3. Video projector and audiovisual equipment

To facilitate your presentations and workshops, we can provide you with video projector, screen and flip chart as well as the audiovisual equipment required for your performance.
This will enable you to project your documents, videos and other content to your participants.

4. Customized catering services

In addition to fully equipped kitchens in the gîtes, we can organize on-site catering during your seminar.
Our team or a partner caterer will take care of coffee breaks, light lunches or more convivial dinners based on local produce or varied menus adapted to suit your tastes and expectations.

Fill up on activities during your seminar!

Work and reflection are not the only aspects of a seminar or business meeting.
Our accommodations also offer activities and visits during your stay.
This ranges from sports activities, hiking, to cultural excursions, games or other entertainment tailored to your desires.
These activities will undoubtedly strengthen group cohesion by offering moments of relaxation and conviviality outside working hours.

Our Villages de Gîtes offer a variety of activities for relaxation and leisure that will also help to strengthen team spirit.

1. Experience intense moments with outdoor sports activities

Take advantage of a nature setting close to your rental to enjoy outdoor sports activities.
Whether cycling, golf, walking or horse riding, we can organize outings suited to all levels.
For the more adventurous, you can experiment with sports that are a little more extreme, white water sports, rock climbing or even climbing sports…
A great way to relax and expend physical energy…yet another great way to strengthen the bonds between your team members.

2. Experience relaxing moments with indoor activities

For moments of relaxation and entertainment, we also offer various indoor activities.
Fitness room for those who want to stay active, sauna and swimming pool to relax, board games, table soccer, billiards and why not end the evening with a karaoke…there’s something for everyone!!

3. Experience moments of discovery of the region

Many group accommodations offer tours to discover the natural or cultural heritage of their region.
For the more gourmet it will be more like setting off to meet local producers through guided tours accompanied by tastings of local products.
Tasting local specialties, whether wines, cheeses, or culinary specialties, these tours are also an excellent opportunity to discover and appreciate the gastronomic riches of the region.