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Get together for a wedding in a self-catering village!

An unforgettable wedding in a gîte village!

Dreaming of an out-of-the-ordinary wedding, surrounded by greenery and an enchanting setting?

Then why not opt for a group gîte rental in the countryside for your big day?

Organizing your wedding in a group gîte is much more than just an accommodation option.
It’s an authentic experience that offers a romantic setting, exceptional conviviality, total personalization and activities for all your guests.

So let yourself be seduced by the magic of a wedding in a natural setting. A wedding out of the ordinary that will leave lasting memories for all your loved ones.

7 reasons to choose a group B&B for your wedding

– All family members are accommodated on site in comfortable rooms where they can keep their privacy.
– For cooking, you can eat in your fully equipped gîte, or prepare meals for the whole family in a community kitchen.
– For convivial and festive moments a large hall is available for you or foranimation.
– For young and old alike, there’s always a space forgames and outdoor activities.
– And to cool off or relax there’s the heated or covered swimming pool, sometimes even with slides.
– For special meals and events, there’s always the possibility of having the services of a contractor on request.
Your hosts are always on handto advise and inform you about tourist attractions and local events.

Get together in a Village de Gîtes for your wedding!

An ideal setting for a romantic ceremony and a convivial reception

Your outdoor wedding in a natural setting with a large park, you dream of it …and what if this dream became reality!

Villages de Gîtes offer you this unique opportunity to bring all your loved ones together in a unique and romantic location.

Then enjoy the charm of the venue, the conviviality and the availability of your hosts who will always be on hand to make your wedding a magical moment.

A natural setting for your outdoor wedding

The Villages de Gîtes offer eoutdoor spaces ideal for your event.

Whether you want an intimate ceremony or a large outdoor reception, they offer the natural setting and flexibility you need.
Before and after the ceremony, you and your guests can enjoy the natural surroundings.
Romantic balades, relaxing moments by a pond, special moments in the heart of nature will delight everyone.

An outdoor wedding in our natural setting also offers an invaluable advantage: breathtaking wedding photos.

A space to party in peace

On your wedding day, you want your guests to feel at ease and to be able to party in peace.
Group cottages in the countryside present fewer constraints than traditional wedding venues.

With us, you can extend the party into the late hours, whether outdoors under the starry sky or inside a large hall.
The estates are far enough away from the neighbors that you can dance, laugh and celebrate all night long, including with music, and even with an orchestra without fear of disturbing anyone.

From ceremony to dance party, you’ll find the venue you need for every moment of your wedding, and everyone can choose their own space to rest and recuperate after the party.

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The ideal domain for the wedding of your dreams!

Organizing your wedding in a gîte de groupe offers you a super opportunity to bring all your guests together in one place.
This means you can enjoy great moments of sharing and conviviality, but also intimacy throughout your stay.

Villages de gîtes offer comfortable, well-equipped accommodation, allowing your loved ones to relax and fully enjoy your event without having to worry about commuting.

Your wedding is a unique moment, every detail must live up to your dreams.
If you’re looking for accommodation that meets the needs of each of your guests, our group cottages are the ideal place to create a personalized, unforgettable experience.

Group cottages to suit everyone’s needs

To meet the different needs and preferences.of your guests you can choose from different accommodation packages.
From intimate rooms for two to six people to mini-dormers for eight, so everyone can choose the space that suits them best.

Whether for couples, families or close friends, Villages de Gîtes can accommodate every requirement.
Couples can enjoy the tranquility of our private rooms, while families can gather in more spacious gîtes.
Groups of friends can share comfortable dormitories and enjoy a unique community experience.

Each of our gîtes is equipped for your comfort. You’ll find modern facilities, kitchen areas for those who wish to prepare their own meals, as well as reception areas for relaxing after a day of celebration.
We think of everything to make your guests feel at home.

We offer private parking for your cars and even a motorcycle shelter, ensuring the safety of your guests’ vehicles.

Your wedding is a special occasion, so every detail counts towards making your event a success. Count on your hosts to always be there to support you.
So book now for a personalized experience, a wedding that will leave you with wonderful memories.

A privatization of the estate for your group

If you wish, you also have the option of privatizing the entire estate. All the space just for you and all the privacy you need.
Whether for the ceremony, the meal, the dance or the day after the party, you have the peace and assurance to celebrate your wedding in total serenity.

Privatization means you have total control over your wedding, it allows your guests to feel at home, as if they were in a large family home.
You’ll be able to personalize every detail to match the day of your dreams.

Whether you want a romantic ceremony at sunset, an outdoor dinner or special activities for your guests, everything is possible when you own the estate.

You’ll experience unique moments with your group, whether during outdoor games, walks in nature or relaxing moments by the pond.
Your wedding will be an opportunity to share unique experiences with those you love.

To make your wedding truly exclusive and unforgettable, book now to have the full availability of a Villages de Gîtes.

Services and suppliers for a stress-free wedding!

Organizing a wedding can be a challenge, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the day of your dreams in total serenity.

In the Villages de Gîtes of self-catering cottages for groups, we’ve thought of everything to offer you a stress-free wedding experience.
Our estates are usually set in unspoilt natural surroundings, offering a serene and soothing atmosphere for your wedding.
Our comfortable gîtes can accommodate all your guests, so there’s no need to organize travel between different venues. That means less stress for you and your loved ones.

Your day should just remain a time of joy and celebration, which is why we’re always on hand to meet your needs.
We’re here to help you plan every detail, every moment of your stay, from the ceremony to the reception, including activities for your guests.

We work closely with trusted local service providers to offer you a variety of additional services.
From photographers to musicians to florists…we can put you in touch with quality professionals to make your day even more successful.

For the wedding meal, you have the choice of on-site catering with a personalized menu to suit your preferences.
You can also appeal to a caterer of your choice if you have specific cooking requirements.
And during your stay, in each gite you have a fully equipped kitchen to prepare individual meals.

Our estates also offer versatile spaces for every stage of your day. Whether you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, a cocktail party by the pond, dinner in our grand hall or a dance party under the stars, we have the perfect venue for every moment of your wedding.

Activities and discoveries to extend your stay!

In addition to organizing your wedding, we make sure your guests have a great stay.
From group activities to nature walks, we offer multiple activities to keep your loved ones entertained.

Archery, boules, badminton…so many memorable moments to experience as a group. We offer a range of on-site activities for all ages and tastes.
Whether you have adventurous friends, families with children or relaxation enthusiasts, there will always be something to do for everyone.

Your wedding is an opportunity to bring your loved ones together to celebrate your union, but it’s also a chance for them to discover a magnificent region.
If you want to offer your guests an unforgettable wedding experience, our estates are the ideal starting point for exploring the surrounding area.

  • Outdoor Games

Our vast outdoor spaces offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor games. From games ofbadminton to bocce tournaments, Frisbee and soccer, your guests will be spoilt for choice when it comes to outdoor fun.
These activities are ideal for creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

  • Archery

An exciting activity to try, a fun way to strengthen bonds and create unique memories.

  • Walks and Hikes

For nature lovers, our estate is surrounded by marked walking and hiking trails. Your guests can set off on an adventure and explore the landscapes that surround us.
Located in the heart of regions rich in natural sites, history and culture, our estates offer your guests the opportunity to discover hidden treasures.
Whether it’s typical villages, breathtaking vistas or historic sites,

  • Visits to typical villages

The typical villages of our regions are a real delight for visitors. Your guests can stroll through the narrow streets, discover the local architecture, and sample regional specialties. It’s an opportunity to experience authentic moments in the countryside.

  • Moments of Relaxation

If some of your guests prefer relaxation, a natural pond could be the perfect place to unwind and sit by the water to enjoy the peaceful nature.
your guests can also enjoy moments of calm and beauty in the estate park.
This will be an opportunity to create moments of calm amidst the hustle and bustle of the celebration.