White water sports in Ardèche
Canyoning Cevennes ArdecheCanyoning Cevennes Ardeche
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Canyoning in the Cevennes

Canyon rafting is the way to discover the Cevennes in an unusual way by traveling its rivers and canyons. You can admire its fauna, flora and rocks (granite, gneiss or schist) while practicing an outdoor and aquatic activity, rich in sensations and emotions.

For the past 15 years, at the Clé des Champs in Montreal, during the Sunday evening welcome drink, Lionel, a graduate of a Brevet d’Etat in caving and canyoning, comes to present and share his passions with vacationers. He proposes to discover the secrets of the rivers and caves Cevennes!”

As a reminder, the canyoning is the fact of traveling a river steeped in the gorges, to visit parts of this river only accessible by the canyon where waterfalls, slides, abseils, jumps, whitewater swimming and walks follow one another according to the obstacles.

This activity is accessible to all, provided you are not afraid of water and are in good physical condition!