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Friday, 3/20:
1. – General Information
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General Information

Business support measures

Cancellations and refunds

  • Ordinance on Valuation

    Here are the main information on the ordinance presented in the Council of Ministers on Wednesday, March 25, 2020 and downloadable in pdf version: Ordinance-A-Valoir.

    This ordinance on A-valoir (or credit note) allows you not to refund the customer immediately, but to offer him a credit note valid for 18 months.
    In effect, following the obligation of containment and administrative closure of our establishments without this ordinance the customer could invoke the case of force majeure and ask you for a reimbursement of the amounts paid.
    With this order you are protected if you do not refund your customer, but issue a credit note.

    One condition was however required by consumer associations: if the customer has not used the credit note after 18 months, he will be able to request a refund.


  • Conditions for issuing the Avaloir
    • The credit may be retroactive and relate to cancellations that occurred on or after March 1, 2020.
    • The amount of the credit must be equal to the full amount of the payments made under the cancelled contract.
    • The minimum duration of the credit is 18 months.
    • You must notify your customer by mail or email no later than thirty days after you decide to cancel the contract. If the contract was cancelled before 03/25/2020, you have thirty days after the effective date of the ordinance (i.e., April 24, 2020).
    • The information must specify the amount of the credit and how long it is valid.
    • During the period of validity of the credit note, the customer cannot request a refund of payments made.
    • If no new contract has been entered into during the 18 months, you must proceed with the refund of all payments made or, if applicable, the balance of the remaining credit note.


  • Use of the Avaloir

    The credit can be used on one or more stays according to its value (e.g. group).

    • If the price of the new service differs:
      – In case of service of higher quality and price: the customer will have to pay the difference.
      – In case of service of a lower amount than the credit: the balance of the difference can be used until the end of the validity of the credit.


  • Cancellation management: refund or credit?

    The majority of vacationers are understanding and you can offer them a credit note in order to preserve your cash flow and keep a connection with the customer. Moreover, as a result of the order presented above you are allowed to do so.

    However, some may not understand (they too are defending their interests). Explain to them that we are all dependent on each other, you are not doing this to annoy them but to find with them a fair solution, a compromise, that can save everyone.

    Prefer as much as possible the postponements with the asset, nevertheless, in this so particular context it is also necessary to be flexible and sometimes apply the rules on a case by case basis. Vacationers are our customers and if you get angry with them (former customers…) you will not see them again…

    Example cancellation mail to send to vacationers: Customer mail vdg


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