Introduction to climbing and the underground world

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Family outdoor games

With our partner “Expert Sport Nature”, a small local company, composed of outdoor sports enthusiasts and directly on the site of the Grange du Héron, a village of cottages between Lot and Aveyron, we offer you to discover climbing, the underground world (caves) as well as outdoor games, always supervised by professionals, state graduate.

– Initiation Climbing (from 8 years old /Adult)

Get some height with Expert Sport Nature which offers you an initiation to climbing.

Climbing is a sport accessible to the greatest number and which develops unique sensations, success, surpassing oneself, well being…

During 2 hours, you will be guided to take your first steps in complete safety on a natural cliff as close to nature as possible!

– Discovery of the underground environment+ initiation Climbing (from 6 to 15years)

For the youngest, Expert Sport Nature offers 2 hours of activity with a discovery of the underground world and an initiation to climbing.

Directly on the site of the “Grange du Héron” 3 caves are to be discovered!!

Enter the bowels of the earth and observe!!

Finally, discover new sensations with an introduction to climbing …. 2 hours unforgettable for children!

– Outdoor games

Expert Sport Nature offers you to take up a challenge, with family or friends, in the form of games such as archery , orienteering and slack line.

2h during which you will be able to initiate yourself to these activities in a fun and affordable way whatever your level or age!