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Pottery initiation workshop with Amélie

Come alone, with family or friends to have fun creating with clay. From your hands will be born unique ceramic pieces !

Amélie offers an introductory pottery workshop, directly in our village of cottages, La Grange du Héron, located between the Lot and the Aveyron or in her workshop in Balaguier d’Olt (only 4km away).

Transmission is an important part of Amélie’s job. A socio-cultural animator before being a potter, these words guide her practice: share, exchange, test, have fun. During courses or workshops, you will start by getting to know the material. Knowing its different states, understanding how it works and following its temporality. Observation, patience and meticulousness.

Clay teaches you humility and brings you into a world almost without limits.

You will learn, with the modeling technique, how to create a small bowl to customize according to your desires.

Gardening fan? You can also create a chantepleur, medieval watering can, fun object for the garden that can also serve as a toy for the bath.

Unless you prefer create oyas. These are water diffusers that allow your potted plants or in the garden to have water continuously. Come model yours and personalize it with a fancy cap.

Finally, Amelie also offers to model your favorite animal.

The workshop is open to adults and children ages 5 and up until August 12, 2022. Internships are available as well, all information on our website, “activities” section.

Come take the time to create!