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Rent a gite for your vacations in the Cevennes in France

Is it the vacation season, and you’re looking for the perfect region to experience unforgettable moments? Are you a lover of wildlife and beautiful landscapes? Then a stay in the south of France is the ideal option for fun and relaxation. The Cevennes, the land of hiking, is a region in the south where you can spend a beautiful vacation. To live an extraordinary adventure, in a warm accommodation, renting a gite is the best option. We tell you more here!

Rent a gite for your vacations in the Cevennes in France

The gîtes in France are warm settings, and are the perfect way to spend a vacation with family or friends. After long walks, there is nothing better than a warm gite to welcome you. In Cevennes, you will have the choice between several types of dwellings. Thus, you can choose the rental of a gite or a small house with several rooms, depending on the number of occupants.

In the village of gites stay with your family with your children and even with friends. Rent one or more gites in rentals well equipped with storage and furniture. This is an excellent option for your multi-family vacation. For convivial moments with family and friends, the dining room and the shaded terrace of your gite are the privileged places of your vacations, so do not hesitate to include it in the search criteria of your rental that we propose.

To spend unforgettable moments while feeling good in its rental, you can also opt for guest rooms. This is a fabulous option, as it allows you to enjoy daily meals, without having to concoct them. For a lover’s vacation, this is ideal since it gives you the opportunity to fully enjoy your time together. Also, for a vacation with friends in a country like France, it allows you to relax.

Renting an accommodation for your stay allows you to relax and enjoy yourself in the Cevennes territories. However, the choice of your vacation rental, gite, villa or many others will have to be made carefully. For your vacations, you have the right to enjoy yourself and to get out of the usual routine. For example, a rental with a swimming pool will allow you to refresh yourself after long walks. Dressed in your bathing suits, spend sunny days by the pool of your gite. You will also find gites with a garden or a playground, which will surely suit children. So for your vacation, don’t hesitate and treat yourself!”

In addition, you can choose the city of Alès, a city known for the appearance and value of its living environment. You can make some very nice discoveries and activities there. This beautiful region of France is home to the Vauban fort, the Temperas arena and other sites prized by visitors. So, if you want to discover in depth the richness of this city, this would be the perfect place to rent a gite.

Also, if you are fond of beautiful landscapes, you will be seduced by Anduze. It is a charming and authentic town, where you can do many activities. During the weekends, you can go hiking and discover this region. If you are rather sporty, it is the ideal region of France to choose your gites or vacation rentals. Also, vacationers love to stroll through the streets of the city, especially in the “right street”.

Also, in the absence of country cottages, if you want to visit the Cevennes plain opt for Vézénobres from your gite rental. After a visit of the medieval city, you can return to your little rental. This village offers you a panoramic view, with beautiful hills and charming cottages. Vacationers usually enjoy walking through the medieval heart of Vézénobres.

Vacations in the Cevennes: an unforgettable experience

Between fabulous landscapes, the good mood of the south, and the multiple activities, you are not likely to get bored, if you opt for this region of France for your vacations. Here is a selection of 5 reasons why you should discover this territory.

The Cevennes: magnificent natural spaces

This is a region home to magnificent landscapes and tourist sites likely to please all those who dream of a magical vacation. This region of France gives you the opportunity to discover wild and preserved places, including valleys, caves. You will also find rivers and many other natural wonders. Lovers of flora will certainly be enchanted by the forests, where fascinating animal and plant species can be found.

  • Sumptuous landscapes

The Cevennes region owes its fame to its magnificent landscapes, especially the terraced cultivations and the rivers. The latter are particularly beautiful and narrow. There is nothing better than renting an accommodation in this region to let yourself be dazzled. In addition, you can go swimming in the summer, or opt for places much deeper. Moreover, the beauty of this hiking land is also due to the Cevennes Causses.

  • An international reserve

The Cevennes National Park is an emblematic and unavoidable place in the region, considered the largest international reserve of starry skies in Europe.It favors the rehabilitation of various species of animals and plants, and allows the public to have beautiful encounters. Indeed, there are griffon vultures, deer, golden eagles, and many other animals that we let you discover.

  • A remarkable heritage site

The Cevennes region is also home to a 3,000 km² site, which is one of the many sites classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It crosses the Massif Central in which is located the mont Lozère, the highest point of this region of France, in order to reach the Mediterranean. The panorama is particularly marked by the habits related to agropastoralism. These are reflected in the realization of terraces, specific styles of farms, etc.

Walking through this part of southern France also allows you to discover the atypical character of certain villages. Génolhac, St-Jean-du-Gard, Sainte Croix, and many other territories are among the cities with a strong history. They deserve all your attention when you rent a gite or bed and breakfast. Along their streets, you will discover monuments and historical corners. These include the Pierre-André Benoît and Colombier museums, as well as the historical residence Le Cheylard d’Aujac.

This land of France is also favorable to wine tourism and oenology during vacations or seminars. Vacationers can also admire the aromatic intensity and some stages of wine production. You can therefore spend an aperitif in your gite, around the vintages of the Clos des Tourettes. As far as popular wine addresses are concerned, you can remember the Caveau de Bacchus and the one in Anduze.

A festive territory

Festivals and celebrations are numerous in this region of southern France especially during the summer vacations. They reflect the welcoming and surprising character of the territory. Between street theaters, musical concerts, and parties organized to celebrate local products, you will not be bored. Indeed, some events highlight flagship products such as sweet onions and Cévennes reinette apples.

Exhibitions and meetings with Cevennes artists are also organized for the pleasure of art lovers. In addition, festive events such as running races, trails, and many other sporting activities are organized there. One can also quote the mythical car rally the Cevennes criterium planned in the back season and traversing the most extraordinary and bumpy roads of the territory.

If you like the festive atmospheres, this part of the country awaits you. To know the agenda of the festivities of the Cevennes, you can go to the tourist offices and the shops. You can also consult the information on the internet from your location.

Gastronomic specialties of the Cevennes

The Cevennes gastronomy is characterized by a diversity of food products of all kinds. Several people have settled in this territory of France, to reconnect with the organic products, which are grown there. The farmers of the Cevennes have turned to organic products as a guarantee of a healthy diet. There are thus several points of sale at the farm, and small peasant activities, which you can visit.

On a sunny day in France, you can have a small brunch, on the small terrace of your gite. You have awide choice given the multitude of local products on offer. In fact, you can opt for a tea made with honey from the Cevennes to enjoy from your rental. This product shows all the character of the flora of this region. You can also taste your buns with the delicious jams that you could make in your renting or good pélardon. The latter is one of the specialties of the Cevennes gastronomy, which we invite you to try in your cottage. Indeed, in the Cevennes, the breeding of goats is a very common activity, and who says goats says delicious pélardons.

Also, a product which does not miss also at the Cevennes, it is the sweet onion. It is an emblematic product in this territory of southern France. Moreover, one cannot mention the Cevennes specialties without mentioning the chestnut. It is the flagship product of the Cevennes mountains, and it was one of the first fruits of the region. You will certainly appreciate this fruit, which is rarely missing from the table of the Cevennes. In the category of fruits, one can also quote the fig, the strawberries, and the apples reinettes of Vigan.

In addition, who says vacations, says moment of relaxation and nothing better than essential oils to relax. You will find the aromatic plants from which these oils are extracted in the valleys of the Cevennes. For a massage evening at the gite, don’t hesitate to get the Cevennes oils. Also, if you like to make good meals, you can use them. They will enhance the flavors of the dishes you will have made in your vacation rental. To give a sunny touch to the meals you will consume in your gite, do not hesitate to taste the wonders of the Cevennes.

The Cevennes: place for hiking and cycling

The Cevennes are an authentic paradise for cycling activities, ideal during the summer vacations in France. Indeed, there are several small winding roads, which are rarely practiced by motorized vehicles. There are also more than a hundred tours for a distance of 12,000 km. You can easily find these routes on the internet, and you can also download them from your lodging. This will allow mountain bikers to have a good time and find their way back to their vacation rental.

The Stevenson trail runs through the Cevennes over a distance of 274Km, passing from Le Puy-en-Velay to end in Saint-Jean du Gard. Hikers have about ten days on average. It is also possible to make a stopover at the museums of Saint Jean du Gard, to finish this route in beauty.

If you prefer to discover the water activities offered for a stay in the Cevennes in France, do not hesitate to visit the Soucy gorges. If you like challenges, the gorges of Tapoul will suit you perfectly. These hikes are an ideal way to cool off in the summer and to relax your muscles. Hikes with a donkey will delight children, who can create beautiful memories.

You can also enjoy canoeing activities in the Gorges du Gardon located at Pont du Gard, for exciting sensations. The Gorges du Tarn and the Herault will also delight you if you want to experience unforgettable moments during your vacation in the south of France. Fishermen frequent these areas, to attract trout, and other fish, which you can enjoy in your rental. The area is also famous for water activities, especially canyoning. If you like climbing, the thrills, then the cliffs of Thaurac in St Bauzille de Putois, have many surprises in store for you.

Also, in France, the cornice of the Cevennes linking Saint-Jean du Gard to Florac offers a beautiful view of the landscapes of the territory, especially during a car ride. You can combine this trip with your afternoon canoeing on the Tarn gorges. It is also possible to pass by the mount Aigoual for a short walk before returning to your rental. So, don’t hesitate to leave your gite rental to discover all that awaits you in the Cevennes.

Where are the Cevennes located?

To discover the idyllic landscapes of the south of France, there is nothing better than a stay in the Cevennes during your vacation. This land of hiking par excellence is located between the departments of Lozere and Gard. The name Cévennes indicates a mountain range with massifs of varying heights. This territory extends to the south the Vivarais mountains located in Ardèche and Haute-Loire. Qualified for the natural character of their national park registered in the World Heritage of Unesco, the Cevennes extend, to the north, the mountains of Lacaune and Espinouse. These mountains are partially found, in the department of Herault. This idyllic region of France is also limited, on its southeastern foothills, by a portion of the southern plain that houses the Alesian basin.

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