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Passionate hosts!
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At L’Oustaou du Luberon we welcome you as a family!

Cecile and Michel work as a family and live on site in an old family wine estate, renovated since 2005, with their two children Amandine and Lilian, and grandmother Mamie Li. This choice of life follows a restructuring and diversification, because the agricultural domain was not functioning anymore. Working as a family allows us to stay together, to live an activity in a more harmonious way, to be more available as well as to work in confidence. The strong point is the team spirit without fault! Being from the region Cécile and Michel know how to offer good advice on the specialties and details of Provence, and with the accent to boot!

Cecile and MichelCecile and Michel
©Cecile and Michel Oustaou Du Luberon
Cécile & Michel
Your hosts at L'Oustaou du Luberon
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The history of my village

Before the creation, I was an executive in an accounting firm, with a specialty in business creation, which facilitated us the creation and the setting up; the place is conducive to relaxation and calmness, recharging ourselves in the countryside allowed us to quickly appreciate this peaceful atmosphere, which customers have been seeking since 2005. And Michel is really handyman in all areas, a primordial asset in the technical management.
Classified 3 stars by Atout France, our small village of gites of 50 people, has also obtained an approval of operator of stay, which allows us to propose packages stays with themes throughout the year, and have been lucky since 2014 to receive a Tibetan master to organize meditation courses. To complete all this, we propose a motor home for rent to make you discover in the way of slow tourism our beautiful region: Always in this spirit of authenticity and conviviality.
L’Oustaou is the house in Provencal, and Chichoua was the nickname of my father, François also in Provencal…..a patois that we try to continue to speak.

My passions

Our passions are mainly everything that touches nature but also our region, Provence, to be an ambassador of our region, isn’t it the most beautiful of passions?
Michel is very manual, he loves to create wooden objects, and he always manages to “tinker” with something that no longer works, giving it a 2in life …..Il is a fan of humorous tees shirts, because he often jokes with all the holidaymakers …. I am very interested in coaching and well-being, and for this reason I have succeeded in creating a network of professionals in the field of well-being and slow life. It is in truth, the passion of sharing in general that pushed us to create and especially to develop the Oustaou du Luberon.

My membership to the Villages de Gîtes

Our membership dates back more than 10 years, the advantages: being in a network, sharing solutions, not remaining independent, it also allows us to share our passion between professionals. We have also noticed that this label is more and more known, and holidaymakers are looking for family vacations, with all the comfort of a small-scale vacation club, a new concept of open-air hotels.

My favorite Villages de Gîtes

Concerning the Villages de Gîtes members, we were attracted by that of the Cabanes in Aveyron. It is an unusual place, close to nature, that we are eager to discover, to rest in a relaxing and zen environment!

Vacation anecdotes

In 2017 : We welcomed during 4 days, the channel M6, it was a unique experience, which brings back to all of us many memories in family but also with our vacationers. Another unforgettable moment spent here, at the Oustaou… among many others.

Conviviality and authenticity

values shared by our guests!