Your hosts at the Gavaudun estate

Passionate hosts!
Gavaudun swimming poolGavaudun swimming pool
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We are Belgian. Eric is an engineer and after a successful career in industry and finance, Eric and his wife Michèle wanted to change their life. Michèle trained as a physiotherapist; she no longer practices but will be of good advice in case of physical problems.

Vincent, a good basketball player, went to business school, worked for a few years in finance and then decided to join his parents to gradually take over the domain. It must be said that the quality of life here is incomparable …

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Eric, Michèle and their son Vincent
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The history of our village

The Vezou farm became the Domaine de Gavaudun, a vacation village, in 1995. We took it over in 2005. At the time, there were 11 gites to renovate and the estate was in pretty bad shape. Since then, we have not stopped developing and improving it every winter.
Outside July-August, since 2015, we welcome many groups and in particular weddings. The domain lends itself wonderfully to this.

Our passions

We have always been very athletic and have children and grandchildren. We have therefore worked hard to develop sports and leisure facilities that are out of the ordinary for a vacation village of our size.
Michèle is also passionate about botany and will be keen to share her passion for nature with you.

Our membership in the Villages de Gîtes

The union makes the strength. We are all different, but we all have small independent structures and we share the same concerns and objectives as well as a strong taste for human contact.

Our favorite Villages de Gîtes

The location of the estate is really exceptional: very pleasant climate, good food, a lot of interesting things to do and see, while being very quiet away from the main roads.

Vacation anecdotes

What memories … What a pleasure to welcome visitors from all countries and cultures. Sometimes a small accident, a toilet that gets clogged on Sunday night, a badly behaved customer who ruins our week, but so many charming people, children playing, impromptu aperitifs, warm contacts.

A customer who sends us a photo of his family with the caption “Thanks for everything and see you next year”, what a reward for our efforts!”

Regular customers become real friends and we hope that this will be the case for you too.

Conviviality and authenticity of the values shared by our hosts!