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Passionate hosts!
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From gites to the sweetness of the Luberon!

We got married in the 1980s and have 3 children. Commerce has always been our business and we had the opportunity to migrate south in the 90s to settle in this family bastide in poor condition that had to be rebuilt to make it habitable. The size of the buildings led us to find solutions to maintain it. Why not create small rentals of gites in the Vaucluse and make it our business, which was not considered rational at the time. We like the contact, the sale, the clientele, the region, everything was gathered.

Joëlle and FranckJoëlle and Franck
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Joëlle & Franck
Your hosts at the Bastide de la Peyrolière
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The history of my village

After the idea, it is necessary to concretize. Heirs to this bastide and with the financial capital acquired from our first activity, we became architects, builders, masons, electricians, plumbers and it took us 3 years to create our living space. The swimming pool and the first 3 gites, it was the beginning of the 90’s and the activity was not even listed by the chamber of commerce yet. It took us 20 years of physical and financial efforts to realize the Bastide de la Peyrolière, gites in Luberon and it remains a permanent struggle to continue the activity, nothing is ever acquired.

My passions

We love nature, animals, country life with its walks and tranquility. We have tried to create this atmosphere on the estate so that our guests can find peace and well being, while preserving comfort in all relaxation. Everyone is at ease, families live together in harmony without constraints and in a spirit of respectful freedom.

My membership to the Villages de Gîtes

Fiercely independent, we were attracted to the Village de Gîtes concept at its inception in 2005 because each structure could remain in control of its own activity while joining with others to form a group representing a commercial force.

My favorite Villages de Gîtes

We can’t speak of a “coup de coeur” to create this village, it is rather the memory of childhood vacations in Vaucluse in this bastide which gave the desire and the idea to allow others to enjoy the sweetness of the Luberon while allowing us to live there with our family.

Vacation anecdotes

A couple who asks us to dismantle in the middle of the night a headboard because they thought they saw a scorpion crawling behind, there was nothing.
A charming gentleman, who comes back for the 3rd time, runs towards us while getting out of his car to tell us “attention I never came”, this time I am with my legitimate wife and my children; no worries.
A last one, in 1999 a German customer asks us the possibility to use every day our personal computer connected to the internet (it was rare at the time) because she was waiting for the results of elections of her party; charming and discreet we accept willingly, a few years later she became chancellor.

Conviviality and authenticity

values shared by our guests!