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A crush of heart !

In search of a quality of life closely linked to nature, with a pronounced taste for human contacts, encounters, the need for autonomy and the deep desire of a common activity, our professional reconversion was maturing: to acquire a domain of gites gathering all these ingredients.
Shared between reason and passion, it had already been several years that we were waiting for this day in October 2019 when we climbed the Favanèdes hill to unearth what would become our new “home”!

Curled on a wooded hill, we fell under the charm of the natural and wild environment of the Truffière. A real crush, the famous wow effect and the certainty from the first visit that the Truffière was obvious. It is difficult to transcribe in writing the feeling of well-being that we experienced and especially that which we still feel every morning.

It was in May 2020 that we put our bags, the adventure could begin!!

And yes spring 2020! a professional reconversion in the middle of COVID … not even afraid!!!

The challenge was big but the motivation and determination so great that on July 4 we were fully booked for our first season.

Muriel and HubertMuriel and Hubert
©Muriel and Hubert
Muriel and Hubert
Your hosts at La Truffière
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The history of our village

In the kingdom of the truffle what could be more natural for a Périgourdin than to acquire a piece of land at the top of a “Pech” (in other words a summit) on the Causse whose reputation of the soil favorable to the culture of the truffle was not to be made any more…We are in 1995, the Domaine de La Truffière was born.
In the year 2000, the Domaine de La Truffière will be sold and exploited without real conviction until the arrival in 2007 of our predecessors who will give a new impulse to the structure.
We are thus since May 2020 the 4th owners of La Truffière.
We set ourselves a certain number of works and developments on the years to come: repair of the terraces with construction of pergolas, renovation of the interiors of gite, construction of 3 new cottages, development of the terrace of the reception to make it a place of exchange around a coffee or a beer… and many other projects still to come.

Our passions

Originals of the Morvan for Muriel and of the plateau of Millevaches for Hubert, nature, the soil, rurality are not vain words; and all the values which are related to it have a real meaning in our eyes.

It is through hiking and visits to our local producers and breeders, that we like to make our vacationers discover all the richness and beauty of this territory that is the Périgord Noir.

So, from July to September, we take you to meet passionate and exciting beings who will make you live real simple and authentic moments… your taste buds will remember it! In season, we will offer you a specialty of the Truffière, the evening “cowling pig on a spit“, the guarantee of a beautiful moment of festive and friendly sharing.

Our membership in the Villages de Gîtes

The concept proposed by the association village de gîtes corresponds perfectly to the idea we have of family vacations. Moreover, the village of gites is the perfect compromise between the isolated gite and the big vacation structure. It allows us to benefit from consistent infrastructures within a human-sized establishment.
For us owners, it is a real support in terms of advice for our small structures, which are certainly different from each other but with the same concerns and the same objectives.

Vacation anecdotes

Faithful to La Truffière for 11 years, Nadine and Richard have their own little habits! Every morning at 8:15, Richard’s mission is to come and get the bread from the reception while Nadine prepares the coffee. He is back at 8:17 a.m. But one morning in August 2020, he didn’t come back…
Nadine was worried…but what had happened to him? Nothing serious, he was simply sitting with Hub around a small improvised morning snack based on sausage and Pecharmant.
While for our greatest pleasure, they announced that they wished to come back in 2021, Richard made sure that the snack would still be on the program!


Conviviality and authenticity

values shared by our guests!