A warm and family welcome

Passionate hosts!

The passionate Ardéchoise at the head of the village Rev’ôthijol vacances!

Rachel has been immersed in the tourism sector since the age of 14! She participated in the creation of her first village of lodgings with her father and together they are fervent ambassadors of the concept of rentals that revolve around the warm welcome and friendliness.
She could not see herself holding an establishment where friendliness, hospitality would not be there. Factories with hundreds of arrivals are not her domain. With Jérôme, her husband, they wish to take time with their customers, to make them visit the region, to accompany them in the discovery of the heritage. They hold their village of lodgings in family, all the members have an active part (more or less important) in the organization of the activity.
And it is the strong point of the village of lodgings Rev’ ô Thijol: the holiday makers have a feeling to be a full part of the family and to feel like at home.

Your host at Rev'ôthijol Vacances
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The history of my village

It is a true family dream. The opening of our second B&B village has been a real journey, 9 years of negotiation and hard work to reach our ultimate goal: welcoming our first guests on July 9th 2011. A real human adventure! 9 years to make it all happen and 9 months to make it happen! The land belongs to my great grandparents. For 4 generations these lands have been exploited in different ways. We decided to build wooden cottages to keep the typical character of the site with thirty year old oaks and the dry stone faysses of limestone. Since 2011, the adventure is more and more pleasant with each year new meetings, new challenges, and people who come back to spend great vacations in our company. Bonds beyond a commercial service are formed, and it is for these aspects that I always wanted to do this job in its own right. Versatility in our field is a must, there is never a dull moment and it is very diversifying.

My passions

At first we were going to offer just rentals, a little bit of side product sales and drinks. But passionate about cooking, I decided to offer meals in the form of tables d’hôtes where we eat with our customers, it immediately pleased and since we are open we went from 1 meal to 3 meals per week.
The animations it’s the same, I who had remained on the cliché of the club of animations of the vacation centers, I did not want to propose animations to my holidaymakers. Our clientele is not at all in search of this kind of service, but rather games or simple animations with the aim of getting together.
At the general request, I proposed small games for children and 4 years and older. Today, I find myself with a program of animations where every day there is something. Moments of fun between young and old in all simplicity with treasure hunts, games created by ourselves in all simplicity until the walks or picnic day.

My membership to the Villages de Gîtes

This network is a strength for our establishments because we do not have our own identity referenced by the Ministry of Tourism. By grouping together we can tackle problems that each of us is confronted with. I notice that more and more, either in our Villages de Gîtes, or in the tourist fair, the “VDG” clientele is real, exists and remains. This must be our greatest satisfaction!

My favorite Villages de Gîtes

I will say theGîtes du pêcheur both because the site is sumptuous far from the big tourist crowd with atypical rentals keeping the local architecture, but also because Françoise the owner is a passionate woman and in love with her region, the Côtes d’Armor.

Vacation anecdotes

A family with 3 children and the parents who, from the very first day, indicated that for them vacations are about discovery and not about settling down, that they did not understand how families could come and return for 15 years to the same vacation location. I inform them that some of my clients have been coming for years to my parents’ house and now to ours. Very resistant to this idea at the beginning of their stay, the moment of departure arrived they wanted to sign the option for the following season and since they come every year. They went from one week to 2 and now 3 weeks!

Conviviality and authenticity

values shared by our guests!