Lovers of nature, gastronomy and heritage, the Dordogne is for you! During your vacation or for a weekend, marvel at the prehistoric caves, the medieval castles and the nature mysteries. Then, you can sample the rich gastronomy of the Périgord.

But before that, you need to choose a rental that suits your personality. We offer you more than 15 villages of gites, real vacation villages, to welcome you in group, with family or friends.

Our group lodging rentals

Our rental cottages are harmoniously distributed throughout the Dordogne. You will thus be able to choose a rental near the Limousin-Périgord regional natural park (Green Périgord), or in the heart of the Black Périgord, near Sarlat-la-Canéda, or even near Périgueux or Bergerac.

Our vacation centers can accommodate up to 70 people in the same group. Our cottages are living spaces where you will find everything you need to make your life easier during your vacations: kitchenette, washing machine, wifi access, etc. And depending on your desires, you can recharge your batteries in an Olympian calm or let off steam with your children or friends.

For a perfect vacation, you will find in our lodging rentals for groups, according to your choice:

  • Pool (systematically);
  • Jacuzzi, sauna;
  • Billiards, petanque court;
  • Ping-pong, tennis;
  • Playground;
  • Game room;
  • Park with animals in semi-liberty.

Holiday homes, cottages, self-catering cottages, mobile homes, half-board or full-board rentals, everyone will find the rental that fits their ideal vacation.

For your vacation rental, therefore, choose among our group cottages the one whose activities suit you best. With your family, group of friends or business group, the friendly and good-natured atmosphere is guaranteed in our dedicated group cottages.

During your vacation, you deserve rest, relaxation and rest. That’s what our group gite villages will provide. It’s always good to lounge by a heated pool after visits to prehistoric caves, mountain hikes or discoveries of medieval castles.

Dordogne, land of history and tourist sites

The Dordogne is the department in France with the largest number of prehistoric sites. Around the Lascaux International Center of Cave Art, are listed no less than 20 exciting sites to visit during your vacation.

The most important and most visited remains of course the caves of Lascaux. 750,000 visitors flock each year to discover the most impressive cave paintings in France. But it is all the valley of Vézère and beyond all Périgord which abounds in these extraordinary testimonies. You will thus be able to discover:

  • The caves of the Sorcerer, Bara-Bahau, the cave Font de Gaume, Roc de Cazelle, Villars, Cougnac, Combarelles and Rouffignac;
  • The Neanderthal sanctuary of Regourdou, near the town of Montignac Lascaux;
  • The shelters of Laugerie Basse, Cap Blanc and the Cro-Magnon Shelter ;
  • The troglodytic site of Conquil;
  • The park of Thot;
  • The Museum of Art and Archaeology of Perigord;
  • The National Museum of Prehistory;
  • The Prehisto Park;
  • The Dinosaur Park and the prehistoric maze Mirror Maze.

In the Dordogne, there is therefore nothing easier for your vacations, than to put your steps in the footsteps of Neanderthal or Cro-Magnon!”

But the history of the Dordogne did not stop at Cro-Magnon. The region has been lucky enough to have a large part of its medieval heritage preserved. Passionate about the Middle Ages, the castle of Castelnaud, which suffered the ravages of the crusade against the Albigensians, is waiting for you! After this must-see Perigordian heritage, head to the castle of Fénelon, that of Beynac, Gageac or the fortress of Miremont or the very impressive Fort de la Roque Gageac, a magnificent medieval fortress overlooking the Dordogne River a km from Sarlat.

And if you are still not satiated, set out to assault Sarlat-la-Canéda. A jewel in the heart of the Périgord Noir, Sarlat has the highest density of historic monuments in the world.

History, nature and gastronomy: a perfect vacation in the Dordogne

Depending on your desires, you may have chosen your gite rental site according to its geographical location: rather close to the areas richest in prehistoric or medieval sites, or close to the most important towns or hiking trails. The current department of the Dordogne corresponds to the historical region of Périgord, well known to medievalists and prehistory enthusiasts. The development of nature tourism has also brought it a good reputation among hikers. The gastronomes, them, always have in a corner of their head the black truffle of Périgord.

Nature heritage in Dordogne

The Périgord is a hiker’s paradise. Hikes are often combined with visits to historical sites. But, between the caves, the chasms and the numerous waterways, the wonders of nature are also numerous. Put on your hiking boots and go to meet a well-preserved and often still wild nature.

For a family walk, you will discover in the middle of the Périgord forest the zoological reserve of Calviac-en-Périgord. This one shelters more than 200 animals from all continents.

Finally, for the walkers, 9 most beautiful villages of France welcome you with the generosity of the local gastronomy.

A gastronomy for gourmets and gourmands

Perigordian gastronomy includes a good number of must-tries. The groups of holidaymakers that our gites welcome will not be able to do without them: foie gras, truffles, walnuts, ceps, all washed down with Bergerac wine… These sought-after dishes are internationally renowned. Whoever is lucky enough to taste them cannot do without them!

But, on vacation, for festive moments in a group, at the restaurant or back at the lodge, one should not give up on the less famous delicacies either. The Périgord also produces strawberries, caviar, cheese (Cabécou) and beer.

The Dordogne has a wealth of gastronomic, natural and historical riches just waiting for you. Come and take a vacation with your family and with your families, rent one of our gites, and after your tourist activities, you will find a haven of peace that will allow you to rest.