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Unusual gites for your vacations in Dordogne, France

If you are looking for an unusual vacation rental in the Perigord, choose our unusual gites!

The Dordogne, between agricultural lands and lands of History

In the heart of the region of New Aquitaine lies the magnificent department of the Dordogne, made up largely of the Périgord. Largely associated with the large agricultural areas that make it up, mostly vineyards, the Dordogne surprises with the rich heritage that it possesses. It thus offers various landscapes all more pleasant than the others and seduces by its various attractions. You can thus take pleasure in discovering its numerous reliefs already appreciated by our ancestors the prehistoric men. With the Dordogne River as a common thread, alternate between cliffs, hills, plateaus and valleys to experience an immersion as total as authentic in the Dordogne. Let yourself be lulled by the gentle murmur of its numerous streams and rivers. This green department has managed to preserve the beauty and naturalness of its privileged setting. Nature lovers cannot but be excited by this green interlude offered by woods, forests and meadows during the vacations. Nearly half of this department is forested, so there’s definitely plenty to take a breath of fresh air and reoxygenate away from your daily routine.

Also rewind the clock by touring the numerous castles and other historical points of interest in this more than two-century-old region. The cultural heritage of the Dordogne is rich; it no longer needs to be introduced as its fame precedes it. It is only waiting for you, history buffs or simply curious, to immerse yourself in the memories of the past that are still particularly alive.

The wineries, real green lungs, are also a great must-see of the department and of the region in a wider way. Impossible to miss as they are so important to its inhabitants. Whether you like good wines or simply want to learn more about their production, you will find something to satisfy you. The landscapes of the Dordogne are also marked by the presence, more unknown, of no less than 200 tobacco producers who contribute in a non-negligible way to the national production.

Everything is gathered to spend a memorable vacation. All that remains is to find an unusual rental.

Unusual gites for an unforgettable experience in Dordogne

We are not necessarily all looking for the same thing when choosing the gite rental that will accommodate us during the vacations. Some prefer comfort, others simplicity in its purest expression. However, one thing unites us all: we want to live a vacation we will remember. So, why not opt for the unusual lodging rental like a stilt house? Be daring and get off the beaten track to experience a stay as unique as it is surprising. Our unusual lodgings welcome you with all the originality they carry with the sole purpose of making you enjoy the Dordogne like nowhere else the time of a rental.

Perched in the trees, try the incomparable vacation sensations, in the middle of the woods, in a treehouse. You can’t be closer to nature than this way. The Dordogne is proud to have been able to save its so beautiful landscapes and its wild aspect. Opting for a tree house is then a coherent and unusual choice that will allow you to experience this department in contact with what makes its essence. The Dordogne offers you to live this kind of experience during a stay of several days, but also during an unusual weekend.

Experience again the authenticity of a traditional cottage with family or friends or choose the singularity of a domain, a moulin. It doesn’t get more unusual than this. The diversity of our rental cottages is great. All of them welcome you with the concern to satisfy you and to bring you the most complete service possible. Our rentals therefore offer you more than just an unusual place to stay and let you enjoy a set of services that you will know how to enjoy with happiness.

  • Pools
  • Well-being areas
  • Sports facilities and many others

From the green Perigord to the heart of the black Perigord, the department attracts both families and couples for vacations. With our gîtes in the middle of nature, you will find something to please children as well as those who wish to spend a romantic stay with us. Our rental cottages offer both access to spa cabins as well as children’s games. They are moreover scattered all over the department which gives you the possibility to choose your vacation location depending on what you want to visit. You may as well alternate between different unusual accommodation locations so that you don’t deny yourself any fun and have a complete experience.

A department full of activities for everyone

Whether you’re just passing through for an unusual night or you’re here for several days, the time of unusual holidays, the area is full of interest. The green setting of this department offers a wide variety of outdoor activities. Whether you are sporty or simply a fan of the great outdoors and what it has to offer, you won’t be disappointed. The more daring among you will opt for a quad ride through the heart of vineyards or freshwater activities, caving and climbing. Others will prefer communion with the majestic animal that is the horse during a horseback ride. Purists will survey the many hiking trails and be rewarded with the sight of breathtaking scenery. There really is something for every level, every age and every taste.

History lovers will not be left out thanks to the numerous castles in the department. There are nearly 200 of them! Take advantage of renting an unusual gite during your vacations to discover their specificities by alternating between fortified castle, renaissance castle and medieval castle. For those who would like to go even further back in time, who would like to go back to the sources of what makes us who we are, the prehistoric remains will amaze them. We no longer present the very famous Lascaux Cave and its cave paintings. Discovered in the middle of the 20th century, it has attracted crowds of visitors. If it is now impossible to visit the original cave because of the degradations it causes, it is however allowed to visit a faithful copy for almost an hour and a half. Immersion guaranteed!

Finally, it is impossible to praise the merits of this superb department without mentioning its culinary specialties and other delicacies. Don’t miss visiting a vineyard and participating in a wine tasting. Let yourself also be tempted by the truffle of the heart of the Périgord Noir, the cheeses of the Dordogne and its duck delicacies.

Book one of our unusual lodgings and experience a magical vacation in a gite that will contribute to the imperishable memory you will keep.